each individual has a purpose; explore what makes you destined for yours

CREATE (self discovery) SPACE


A full container cannot welcome the opportunity for possibilities. 

Letting go becomes easier, when you see not what you lose, but all that you gain, in creating space for something new.

What will you create space for?

Create Space believes that an incredible, one of a kind, human being, destined for greatness, resides within. Our aim is to create space for that being to come forward.

you are what you make


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$15-$20 virtual classes (pay what you can) 

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Create Space Movement Laboratory
Time TBD
Create Space Movement Laboratory, 560c Union Square Dr, New Hope, PA 18938, USA
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--- Due to the current health crisis. In studio classes are on hold. Please see the app for the most updated schedule and consider trying a live virtual class ---


therapeutic practice | holistic wellness
dance | yoga | pilates | bodywork

"Rather than use our bodies to understand the medium, we use the medium to deepen our understanding of our selves."


Essential Elements

CREATE (                            ) SPACE


"What you seek, is also seeking you." -Rumi


( observation, exploration, research, practice, process, approach, learn, study, discovery, experimentation, investigation, contemplation, discovery, ideas, exchange)


(living values, alignment, freedom, thoughtfulness, experience, meaningful, depth, consciousness, light and shadow, reflection, action, engagement, presence, integrity, expression, perspective, refine, evolution, revolution, authenticity, centered, grounded, ownership)


(generosity, compassion, freedom, experience, feel, connection, self + Self, community, equality, empathy, acceptance, bravery, vulnerability, kindness, god, imperfection, embrace of "otherness", protect)


(mind + body + spirit, prehabilitation, recovery, rejuvenation, balance, clarity, strength, flexibility, breath, nourish, flow, movement, function, energy, mobility, stability, center)


(sanctuary, safe, welcome, comfort, family, joy, rest, trust, being yourself, security, embrace)


Poli is one of the most diverse teachers out there. His background in dance and movement combined with his extensive studies in so many different yoga disciplines makes him well rounded and incredibly intuitive. I would recommend him to any being looking to further their practice through meditation, breath work, and movement.

Vivian Nguyen

If anyone has the need or ability to use Politeia you undoubtedly will not be disappointed!! 

This young man has the insight to so many different outlets in life... 

He uses his amazing talents to center your spirit from the inside to make you shine and feel good about yourself on the outside!

He holds a pure heart and inner soul that is a hidden gem!!
I strongly recommend and endorse him!

Carl Max

Poli is an awesome instructor. I practiced yoga for an entire year before attending Poli's class. After only one class with Poli, I signed up for private sessions. Poli did not disappoint at all! I absolutely love every session with him; he is very knowledgeable and is an excellent teacher. For example, his breathing instructions changed the way I do and think about yoga. I find it difficult to articulate how the sessions make me feel, but it is incredible. After every class, I feel remarkably present and relaxed. I would urge anyone that is interested in yoga to pursue classes with him.

Ryan Fee

Poli is one of the most gifted instructors I know. His classes feature beautiful music, expertly articulated cues, and some of the best physical adjustments I've ever had. It's a real treat to be able to take his class!

Laura Rebecca

Politeia is exceptional in everything he does. His understanding of the body is astounding. I would recommend him to ANYONE looking for a loving patient teacher. His investment in his students is unparalleled

Kristie Rose

Politeia is absolutely amazing. As a former gymnast/dancer I have many "battle wounds". Poli was beyond helpful stretching out and detoxing my injuries. He is more than a teacher, he is a healer.

Kyle Shepard







560c Union Square Dr

New Hope, PA 18938

(downstairs of the Bucks County Children's Museum)